My 3 Years Journey

Year 1 (2016) :
Started my entrepreneurship journey. My idea was creating a tools that helps house owner and tenant connect to each other, splits bills and automate rental every months. I gathered 2 of my talented friend and started out. So lucky that Cyberjaya have a Government agency support entrepreneur, they provide training and connecting like minded people together. So I started to rent a co-working space to get to know more about startup and founders who working in there and hopefully get some advise from them. Almost everyday after class, I went there to develop my product. At the same time make friends with alot of founders (Rene, Sheng, Siew, Keith, Adam, Edmond and more) Learned alot from them and from Magic's event, about how startup works in terms of business model, pitch deck, funding, mentoring, etc.

Summary :
1. Started my entrepreneurship journey
2.. Pitch at Grill or Chill (Pitch about startup idea, business model, etc and judge by experienced industry people).
3. Win 2nd runner up on a startup weekend competition.
4. Hacked one of my University System and gave a talk about Cybersecurity at my University
5. Volunteer as floor manager at a Conference

Year 2 (2017) :
Due to time constraints to focus on my final year project, I decided to take a break and focus on my study and part time building the product. Then as expected, part time does not work, due to lack of leadership, determination and solid belief. After my first startup failed, I join one my friend's startup initial idea was building chatbot and virtual assistant for ecommerce. Due to founders commitment issue, we dissolved. Then, I started working alone with new idea which building bots for facebook sellers to reduce their operation workload. Then started to partner with Sheng (Catjira) since we have the similar target audience. From June to September we came out with a MVP and test with 6 merchant. 2 out of 6 are willing to use and 4 others since their traffic are not that big, they can handle themself without a bot.

Due to financial issue, we both decided to just let the app and find a job. I found a job to work at a machine learning startup and Sheng work at a blockchain company.

Summary :
1. Travel to HongKong volunteer for a conference
2. Internship in my own company lead 2 other interns
3. Launched product on September
4. Start working at Coqnitics Sdn Bhd as Machine Learning Engineer

Year 3 (2018) :
During this period of time the while the app still running without marketing. I notice the app have new users coming from no where and sometimes request us to fix the bug that the system have. Since then, I believe this app have potential and validated people are using it. Then, I made my though decision. I quit my job, went for vacation to plan the next journey in BotAhead. Unfortunately, Facebook meet the scandal which affect our plan. Then, I partner up with one of the company in magic to build live chat bot for their company, turns out is not what we discussed, so I help them out build their system for 3 months and left. Travel to Penang, to a different environment to continue figure out what is the plan and building my product at the end of November I successfully aquired 2 paying customer to pay our product.

Summary :
1. Quit my job
2. Travel to Vietnam to plan out the next Journey
3. Start work as a partner at a company developing system and lead a team and learned alot of leaderships and management skills
4. Successfully acquired 2 customers
5. Travel to Penang to find business partner but failed

Year 4 (2019) :
This is a great year