My PC Build

On September 2016. I decided to build my own mid range PC to do my Final Year Project. You might ask, doesn't a laptop is enough?

I tried, and this is the temperature I got, when I'm running my project (a convolution neural network project). Not because it was very hot, it was slow too. It literally takes more than 3 days to finish a task.

CPU Temperature

For my personal preference in this build. I don't care about what brand it is and how beautiful it looks, as long it solve the problem above.


After reading (TL;DR) I came into conclusion to get a GTX1060 which he rightly pointed out I have little money and I started deep learning and I am serious about it.

For PSU, after researching, I just found out there are many tier of PSU. TL;DR I just picked the cheapest tier two and cheapest deal which is M12-II EVO (fully modular) Seasonic and brought it at local online marketplace


A while ago, I saw a great deal on YouTube which is XEON 2670v1 with 8 Core, 16 threads.


The price vs performance is just awesome, instead of getting i7-6700k with RM2000, I can get a E5-2670v1 for just RM400.


XEON motherboard are expensive. To find a cheapest compatible E5-2670v1 2011 socket I went to a chinese ecommerce website to buy (Taobao) which cost my around RM500. You can get good deal at Ebay too.
LGA 2011


Samsung ECC RAM 8GB x4 from Taobao RM400


After all component assembled, I went to nearest computer shop to buy 1TB Seagate Hard Disk which cost RM 350, since most of the shop cost the same price.


0 cost, I used my old PC casing which missing side panel haha.

Putting it together:

CPU : XEON E5-2670v1 RM 450
HDD : Seagate 1TB RM 350
GPU : Gigabytes G1 Gaming RM 1390
RAM : Samsung DDR3 ECC 8GB x4 RM 300
Motherboard : Intel x79 RM 500
CPU Cooler : No brand RM 130
Case : PowerLogic with missing side panel RM0

P/S: Seasonic PSU stopped working after 1 month. Temporary using China Great Wall PSU (not bad tho)

pc build Guess what? It just RM3458!