Tunneling Through VPN

To be able to work remotely with a desktop machine located at somewhere else. I need to SSH into the machine and tunnel whatever port I'm working on. But the problem is, I am unable to port forward specific port in the public router since I'm using public WiFi network.


In this case, I use Hamachi. It is free for first 5 machine on a single network and pretty simple to use.

  1. Download
  2. Install
  3. Create a network
  4. The other pc join the network

You will see something like this (Just an Example).
hamachi example

Then, just ssh to the machine ip. For example ssh

However Hamachi is not stable, at least in my country (Malaysia), sometimes it unexpectedly lose connection to the server and cause a timeout error, which is very frustrating when you're trying to get your job done.

Since I own a RaspberryPI, why not host my own VPN server?


Did some Google, keyword the easiest way to setup Open VPN on RaspberryPi

Thanks, http://www.pivpn.io. It is ridicosly easy to setup. (If you know bash already)

After setting up everything and connected to the VPN. Wola, now is smoother and lower ping compared to Hamachi.

Left : Hamachi
Right : PiVPN